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ROI Unlimited


Read this ROI Unlimited review if you are considering joining this relatively new travel club network marketing company. The Chairman, Fred Schwartz and CEO Brian Spangler head this Arizona based company that began operation in 2010. Both gentlemen are well-recognized industry leaders with several successful business ventures to their credit.


I discovered while doing this ROI Unlimited review that the products you will receive after becoming an affiliate are travel and vacation discount packages. There are three membership levels, of course the higher levels offer more products than the lesser levels. Similar to several other travel programs discounted hotel, resort, cruise and travel are included in the packages. The thing that seems to set this company apart from the rest is their innovative compensation plan.


As I mentioned previously there are three membership levels all with a one-time entry fee. All three levels use a 2x3 company wide follow me matrix compensation plan with sponsoring bonuses. That simply means you and people below you down three levels all sponsor two people each, for a total of 14 people sponsored. When everyone sponsors 2 the matrix will cycle paying the top person a bonus. From that point on the person that cycled will receive bonuses when their personally sponsored people cycle and will be placed in a new funded higher level matrix.


The three membership levels are as follows:


    1st Driver Board $250 entry. Cycling bonus $500

    2nd Accelerator Board $1000 entry. Cycling bonus $5000

    3rd Power Board $3500 entry. $20,000 cycling bonus


You can view the additional bonuses on the company's website.


In addition to discounted travel and placement into a matrix your entry fee also includes:


    A company replicated website

    Tracking statistics

    Instant support

    The Ability to earn as much as you want


After doing this ROI Unlimited review, I firmly believe that this is a legitimate company and great opportunity, So much so that I became an affiliate. It is very obvious with this comp plan that if you are able to put people in this program, you will make serious money. I would say do whatever it takes to get this opportunity in front of people. Talk to friends and family about it. If you have an understanding of how to market online, promote it that way. Just do whatever it takes. Because of the company wide follow me matrix you can make great money without signing up a boat-load of people.


Learning how to effectively market on the Internet is a process. If you are willing to put forth a consistent persistent effort towards learning it, you will become massively successful with programs such as the one covered in my ROI Unlimited review or any program you chose to partner with.